Everything starts with an expertise

Everything starts with an expertise

We offer a know-how combining a chartered expert in real estate valuations and a broker responsible for the relationship.

We offer a know-how combining a chartered expert in real estate valuations and a broker responsible for the relationship.

The ROUSSEAU N°5 difference
Brokerage services

With us, “everything starts with an expertise” is not just a slogan but the reality of your customer experience.

Our vision in the “broker – expert” duo is to put the human touch and local knowledge of the market at the service of our clients, to propose a system partnering a chartered expert in real estate valuation with the broker responsible for the relationship.

The main advantages of this method for our clients are as follows:

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  • To enable our clients to benefit from a valuation, entirely paid for by ROUSSEAU N°5, carried out by our appointed expert partner, including a visit to the property and an interview to submit a report explaining the values retained.

  • This valuation is valid and acceptable to your financial partners, unlike online “valuations” carried out using a statistical method based on algorithms.

  • This avoids the risk of a sale not going through because of a refusal of financing or a demand for equity that is too high for the buyer.

  • By enabling a price to be set that is truly in line with the market and not a price “to obtain a mandate”, the “broker – expert” method maximizes the chances of completing a transaction under the best possible conditions. It reduces both negotiations on the price, by putting forward a professional valuation, and the risk of seeing the marketing period prolonged and the value of the property reduced by too much exposure.


The ROUSSEAU N°5 difference
The valuation

An expert in real estate appraisal with a federal diploma is a highly trained individual capable of assessing the value of real estate using various techniques and tools. These methods of determining value may include comparing the property with other similar properties, analyzing the costs of rebuilding or renovating the property or applying specialized mathematical models.

The added benefit of the real estate valuer lies in his ability to provide an accurate, objective, and reliable value of the property. This estimate can be used for various purposes, such as the purchase or sale of a property, the financing of a real estate project, or for a mortgage application.

Les avantages

By enlisting the services of the independent partner, we give you access to an accurate valuation of your property. This valuation is an essential tool that will enable you to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.