The world of real estate never stops evolving and never a day goes by without specialists in the field brainstorming to keep moving forward. If “Home Staging” has been all the rage in the United States for many years.

Rousseau N°5 is one of the company who is promoting it in Switzerland to the delight of property sellers and tenants.

What is home staging?

Home staging is a type of real estate marketing created in America about 50 years ago. This method consists of enhancing the value of your property. The ultimate goal is to make the potential buyer “fall in love” with your property hence facilitating the sale.

The role of the Rousseau N°5 Home Stager is to prepare, decorate your premises for sale, by depersonalising the property, harmonising the whole and optimizing the luminosity and volumes of your space. It is a question of highlighting the qualities of the premises to attract more buyers or tenants. This is precisely the speciality of Rousseau N°5, which not only masters the field from every angle, but also delivers on its promise.

In addition, Rousseau N°5 has an interior designer on its team who can advise and support its customers in an efficient and thorough manner.